Castor Wheel Guide

An Introduction

There are a variety of different castor wheels consisting of different materials and sizes that are available. Each one is suited for a particular type of operation or environment, the following types of castor wheel are available to order in 50mm-250mm with option of plain bearing, roller bearing and precision ball bearing, specials on request. This castor wheel guide gives an insight into the various options available to you:

Castor Wheel Types

Wheels and tyres from grey rubber, blue rubber, semi-elastic, black rubber, nylon, polyurethane, cast iron, high-temperature phenolic wheels to suit every application.

Grey Rubber Tyred Wheel

Grey tyred rubber non-marking wheel from sizes 80mm-200mm black plastic centre with needle roller bearing 70kg-205kg carrying capacity

Blue Elastic Wheel

Blue elastic wheel black centre from sizes 80mm-200mm with roller bearing or precision ball bearing 130kg-500kg carrying capacity

Black Rubber Tyred Wheel

Black rubber tyred wheel with either steel or plastic centres 80mm-200mm available plain/roller and precision ball bearing 70kg-205kg carrying capacity

Nylon Wheel

PA6 nylon wheel for general industrial applications sizes 80mm-200mm available with plain, needle roller and precision ball bearings 200kg-1000kg special heavy duty nylon available on request

Polyurethane Wheel Nylon Centre

Injection moulded polyurethane wheel, shore A 92 hardness on white nylon centre 100mm-200mm available with plain, needle roller bearing and precision ball bearing 150kg-500kg carrying capacity

Elastic Rubber Wheel On Aluminium Centre

Black elastic rubber on aluminium centred wheel, 125mm-250mm precision ball bearing centre 240kg-400kg

Polyurethane Wheel With Cast Iron centre

Heavy duty cast polyurethane tyre 92 shore A 100mm-300mm precision ball bearing 350kg-2000kg extra heavy on request

Polyurethane Wheel Aluminium Centre

Heavy duty cast polyurethane tyre 92 shore wheel. A 100mm-200mm precision ball bearing 300kg-800kg extra heavy on request

High Temperature Wheel

Phenolic high-temperature wheel 100mm, temperature range – 40 to + 280 degrees comes with self-lubricating bush 125kg carrying capacity

Aluminium Heat Resistant Wheel

Aluminium wheel fitted with self-lubricating bush 100mm, temperature range – 40to + 280 degrees carrying capacity 125kg

Pneumatic Wheel

General purpose pneumatic wheel red plastic centre or steel centre 260mm x 85mm carrying capacity 150kg


If you cannot find what you’re looking for within this castor wheel guide, please contact one of our team who will assist with any queries.