What are Jacking Castors?

When it comes to types of castors you can use for an application, it’s worthwhile to find the ideal configuration of castor for your particular requirements. While certain castors are good at wheeling heavy equipment around horizontally, it’s a different cause altogether to raise and lower equipment vertically too. That’s why here at 360 Castors and Wheels, we aim to provide jacking castors as one of the UK’s best-selling castors.

Jacking castors are extremely flexible castors that are incredibly useful in a number of situations, no matter what application you are planning to use them for. Here are some facts about jacking castors in case you are wondering whether they would be the right fit for your industry:

Suitable for numerous industries

The most distinctive feature of jacking castors is that – unlike standard duty industrial castors – jacking castors are height-adjustable. Jacking castors’ ability to lift and lower a load makes them extremely practical for handling a diverse range of objects vertically, including general equipment, machinery and theatre staging. However, they are also equally efficient at manoeuvring over a variety of floor surfaces horizontally as usual castors.

The wide practical uses of jacking castors allow them to be used in numerous industries, from the entertainment industry to oil refineries.

Available with different centres and wheels

Tiled, rough or uneven flooring can often be a problem for standard castors, at best posing a minor difficulty when it comes to manoeuvring and potentially damaging the castor at worst. Due to the sort of environments they are used in, jacking castor wheels are usually hardier than most standard duty industrial castors, with the jacking castors we stock boasting polyurethane tyres.

Jacking castors can be paired with a variety of wheel sizes and types to suit difficult floor surfaces and other individual requirements. Some of the other materials that is possible to suit your castors include rubber, nylon, polyurethane and cast iron.

Ideal for several weight applications

Jacking castors can be suitable for light or heavy-duty applications depending on the size of the load that needs to be lifted or lowered. Our polyurethane wheel nylon centre jacking castors are ideal for general purpose applications carrying lightweight loads such as display equipment, stands and trolleys.

While our jacking castors’ toughness makes them ideal for carrying up to 80kg, it is possible to obtain jacking castors that are even heavier duty. With so many types of jacking castors to choose from, you will have absolutely no problem finding the right kind of castors to suit your specific purpose.

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