Which Industries Use Heavy Duty Castors?

When you’re picking a heavy duty castor, it’s vital to make sure that you choose the right one for your industry. If mischosen, a heavy duty castor ill-suited for its purpose is more likely to degrade over time or, worse, suffer a catastrophic failure. That’s why here at 360 Castors and Wheels, we do our best to help our clients choose the most appropriate heavy duty castors for their needs.

We have written several blogs lately about heavy duty castors exploring the excellent qualities of these castors and the considerations to make before buying them. While you do this, you should always bear your industry in mind. Here are just a few of the industries that use heavy duty castors every day:


Heavy duty castors are incredibly useful for shelf stacking machines due to their load capacity. These castors are specifically designed to handle the heaviest loads, with the castors we stock boasting load capacities from 800kg to 10,000kg. Heavy duty castors are also ideally equipped to handle shock loading – common in a warehouse setting where weight is likely to be dropped onto a cart from a height. This industry often uses twin-wheel castors due to their even larger load capacity.


Everyone is familiar with luggage trolleys at transport terminals such as airports or ports, or in the foyer of hotels. These trolleys regularly make use of spring-loaded heavy duty castors due to their ability to limit vibration, particularly when travelling over rough environments. This makes them ideal for handling fragile pieces of luggage without fear of them being damaged in transit and enabling people to avoid mishap before and after their holiday.

Industrial trucks

In many industries, speed is of the essence. That’s why heavy duty castors are regularly used by industrial trucks due to their ability to carry bulky loads at speed. Heavy duty castors are custom built to handle heavy loads for extended periods of time, able to travel at speeds of up to 4km/h. With the help of these castors, businesses can keep moving at speed.

Outdoor Industries

Many industries involve a degree of outdoor work such as shoots involving heavy and expensive camera equipment. These environments often involve uneven flooring which has the potential to impede or even damage most castors. Heavy duty castors used in these industries are hardier than most, equipped with polyurethane or heavy duty rubber tyres. Some also boast welted steel or cast iron centres to make them extra durable.


Those working in the catering industry are often working at extreme temperatures or in wetter than normal environments, such as hot and steamy kitchens or shiver-inducing freezers. This can often have an unwanted impact on a castor or its wheel. With heavy duty castors designed to handle difficult environments such as these, such as high temperature heavy duty castors or corrosion-resistant castors made of stainless steel, customers’ meals are always delivered on time.

If you’re wondering whether heavy duty castors would be suitable for your industry, why not contact us here at 360 Castors and Wheels? We’d be delighted to help you get started.