Recap: Why use High Temperature Castors?

When it comes to handling environments containing extreme temperatures such as hot and steamy kitchens or ice-cold freezers, standard duty castors aren’t always the best choice to handle the heat. High temperature castors, meanwhile, are tailor-made to withstand these difficult environments, keeping malfunctions and safety problems to a minimum. That’s why we are proud to be able to stock a diverse range of high temperature castors right here at 360 Castors and Wheels.

We’ve discussed before the reasons why high temperature castors are worth considering but it is worth reiterating just how useful they are. Here’s a recap of why this excellent type of castor is ideal for any sweaty circumstance.

Hot or cold? No problem!

True to their name, high temperature castors are designed to work in testier temperatures than other industrial castors without melting, cracking or warping. Many of our castors are able to withstand a constant temperature of 280 degrees Celsius and even higher temperatures for shorter periods. Their ability to do exactly the same in extremely cold environments is just a bonus!

Choice of wheel

The main quality that gives high temperature castors the ability to resist heat and cold is what they are made from. The two materials our high temperature castor wheels are made from are heat-treated phenolic resin (thermoplastic) and rubber. Made from a choice of materials, you can pick the qualities that best suit your needs: the greater manoeuvrability of the rubber wheel or the added durability of the resin.

Resistant and easy to clean

Because they are often used in food or chemical-related environments, our high temperature castors are made of stainless steel, enabling them to resist the most extreme temperatures as well as other atmospheric challenges such as salts, oils and fats. Many castors also come with a splash guard over the hub to protect the bearing inside, but don’t worry – even if they do get splashed, their stainless steel makes these castors extremely easy to clean.

Different sizes

Because they can be used for a range of different purposes, high temperature castors come in a handy range of sizes and formats. For a smaller bakers’ oven rack, you might consider fixed castors that are 80mm in diameter for better stability. For heavier duty industrial applications that involve moving around quickly, why not use 220mm diameter swivel castors? Whatever you need them for, there will be the right high temperature castor for your application.

Different industries

Perhaps the best quality of high temperature castors is their usefulness in an impressive number of industries, not limited to food storage. Why not consider them for your welding application, or your energy company? It’s entirely up to you.

It should be clear by now just how much we believe in the ability of high temperature castors to help our customers. If you would like more information, why not get in touch with us here at 360 Castors and Wheels via our contact page? We’d love to be of service!