High Temperature Castors

If you work in environments containing extreme temperatures such as bakeries, ovens or industrial freezers your trolleys and oven racks need castors that can handle the heat or the cold. In such situations, high temperature castors are the right choice as they offer great carrying capacity in temperatures up to 280 degrees C. That’s why we are delighted to offer our customers a great selection of high temperature castors here at 360 Castors and Wheels.

We offer a great range of high temperature castors in a variety of sizes such as 80mm and 100mm so they can be attached to any trolley that needs them. Many of our high temperature castors are made from stainless steel, enabling them to resist the highest temperatures and also making them extremely easy to clean in between use – ideal for situations requiring high levels of hygiene such as exposure to food or harmful chemicals.

Our high temperature castors are available in fixed or swivel format, offering you great flexibility and manoeuvrability depending on your situation. Our high temperature castor wheels are made from rubber or specially designed thermoplastic, which can handle constant temperatures of up to 260 degrees for short periods of time. Many of our wheels are also fitted with splash guards over the hub to protect the bearings inside.

If you have any questions about any of our high temperature castors please don’t hesitate to contact us here at 360 Castors and Wheels and we will do our very best to assist you with your query.

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